Organic And Natural

Medco Gulf is committed to bringing healthy and organic food, clothing, healthcare and beauty products to the GCC to improve overall health and to ensure longevity.  The interest in maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is expanding throughout GCC at an exponential rate, and we are here to meet the growing expectation in the community for organic merchandise at reasonable prices.  With this initiative, Medco Gulf has created the first online organic store:, with additional physical distribution to the major supermarkets throughout Kuwait and Qatar, with plans to expand across all GCC countries.

All of our products are created with natural, organic ingredients without any use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.  Our   wide range of completely organic products includes food, clothing, healthcare and beauty products to cater for all your organic requirements.

We are working diligently to expand our reach throughout the region with our specialized campaigns, which are designed to raise awareness of the importance of choosing organic food and products to create a better life for you and your loved ones.

We know the positive impact of using organic products has on the body and mind, and we are pleased to share our knowledge and experience with our customers to make them look and feel their very best, every day.